1 – Is there a risk I'll receive a package contaminated by corona virus?


According to the Chinese government policy, our factory is sterilized and workers are 100% coronavirus free.

All workers in the shipping chain are protected by masks and gloves, so that the package you receive is 100% safe.


2 - Is MgnifiCord a fast charging cable? 

  • Yes! MgnifiCord is a fast charging cable, that may supply  2.4 - 3 A, depending of course, on your charger unit.

3 - Can MgnifiCord serve for data transfer? 

  • Yes. MgnifiCord  can be used for transferring data from your phone to your computer and vice versa.


4 - How to make sure you're ordering the right plug for your phone? 

  • The best is to ask Google what type of USB cable <your phone model> use.

  • But, if you can't figure your phone model, then take a close look at your current cable and compare the plug you connect to your phone with the plugs bellow.

iPhone 8-pins


Micro USB

iPhone 8-pins

  • The most common Apple plug since year 2012 models.

  • Easy to identify, as the pins are on its exterior.

  • Attention! Some iPhone models come with Type-c plug.


  • Symmetric and round on both sides.

  • No pins on the exterior.

  • Reversible and can be plugged in either up or down.

  • Comes with the more advanced Android devices.


  • The most common Android plug.

  • Its shape reminds a short trapeze.

  • Can be plugged in only one direction.

  • No pins on the exterior.

5 - Does it work for iPad?

  • If your current iPad plug looks like the one on the left, then MagnifiCord is perfect for you.

  • If your current iPad plug looks like the one on the right, then MagnifiCord is will not work for you.

6 - Does it work for Samsung phone?

  • MagnifiCord works for Samsung phone and all other Android devices. You just have to choose the type of plug compatible with your phone, Type-c (pluggable both directions)  or Micro-USB.

7 - When disconnecting MgnifiCord, is the adapter plug staying in the phone or pulled out?

  • Usually, you want to leave the adapter attached to your phone. Then:

Pull vertically

  • When you want to separate the adapter from your phone:

Pull horizontally

8 - What should I do if the led light indicator is interrupting my sleep?

  • People who need total darkness for sleeping and are interrupted by a led indicator of TV, computer, audio system, AC... etc, should simply cover the led. Everything can be used, without any harm to the cable.


  • When you're not charging your phone, attach the plug to the other edge

​ (or to any other iron object around).

This will avoid the plug falling to the floor and being stepped by a  random foot.


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